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Patent / Innovation Analysis Services

Products and Services

We offer four sets of products and services: patent analysis for patent acquisition and litigation; patent and innovation quality analysis for corporations and governments; a patent analysis seminar; and patent antitrust analysis tools.

Patent Analysis for Acquisition and Litigation

For 19 years, we have provided quality patentability and invalidity searches, working with law firms and companies in the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan and Taiwan. In 2012, we partnered with a law firm in Brazil to extend our services to South America.

Patent and Innovation Quality Analysis Tools and Data

Individualized Corporate Analysis - For corporations that desire an individualized analysis of patent quality and economic value, we can tailor a multi-decade analysis of your patents, or your competitors' patents.

Database of Individual Patent Analysis - The data in our Patent Quality spreadsheet reflects an analysis of over 4,000,000 U.S. patents. A database of statistical data for each of these patents is available under license, for corporations to conduct private studies.

Patent Quality Analysis Expert System and Database - All of the raw data, pre-processing software, and expert systems used to generate the Patent Quality spreadsheet is also available under license for corporations to tailor their own analyses of patent quality.

For any of these products and services, please contact us for a quote.

Patent Analysis Seminar

We offer a one day seminar on patent quality analysis, patent valuation and innovation analysis. The seminar provides detailed insights into how we analyze patent quality and innovation, and how your company can apply such techniques to the management of your patent and innovation strategies and investments.

To make arrangements to have such a seminar, please contact us.

Patent Antitrust Analysis Tools

This product is under-development, and will be an expert system that allows you to analyze a competitor's patent tactics and acquisitions, and prepare a rough-draft antitrust lawsuit complaint to add to your arsenal of IP weapons to deal with your competitors, when honed by your lawyers. Having been personally sued for patent infringement, let's be honest, all of this vicious and nasty. Our tools are just more vicious and nasty because of the exhaustive objective data analysis provided.

We seek a partner to help develop and market such our tool.

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