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Waxham v. Smith (294 U.S. 20, 1935 Jan 07)

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Decisions It Cites

    Corning v. Burden [56 U.S. 252, 1853]
    Cochrane v. Deener [94 U.S. 780, 1877]
    Risdon Iron & Locomotive v. Medart [158 U.S. 68, 1895]

Decisions That Cite It

    Expanded Metal v. Bradford [214 U.S. 366, 1909]
    In re Prater I [415 F.2d 1378, 1968]

Rules & Quotes

[PROCESS] {1} By the use of materials in a particular manner he secured the performance of the function by a means which had never occurred in nature, and had not been anticipated by the prior art; this is a patentable method or process. ... A method, which may be patented irrespective of the particular form of the mechanism which may be availed of for carrying it into operation, is not to be rejected as "functional", merely because the specifications show a machine capable of using it.

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