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Neilson v. Harford (:UK:151 ER 1266, 1841)

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    Le Roy v. Tatham [55 U.S. 156, 1852]
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    Parker v. Flook [437 U.S. 584, 1978]
    Markman v. Westview Instruments [517 U.S. 370, 1996]
    Laboratory Corp. v. Metabolite [548 U.S. 124, 2006]

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[PRINCIPLE] {1} It is very difficult to distinguish it from the specification of a patent for a principle, and this at first created in the minds of some of the court much difficulty; but after full consideration, we think that the plaintiff does not merely claim a principle, but a machine embodying a principle, and a very valuable one. We think the case must be considered as if the principle being well known, the plaintiff had first invented a mode of applying it by a mechanical apparatus to furnaces; and his invention then consists in this: by interposing a receptacle for heated air between the blowing apparatus and the furnace. In this receptacle he directs the air to be heated by the application of heat externally to the receptacle, and thus he accomplishes the object of applying the blast, which was before cold air, in a heated state to the furnace.

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