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Mackay Radio & Telegraph v. Radio Corp. of America (306 U.S. 86, 1939 Jan 30)

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    Schriber-Schroth v. Cleveland Trust [305 U.S. 47, 1938]

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    Gottschalk v. Benson [409 U.S. 63, 1972]

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[NATURE] {1} While a scientific truth, or the mathematical expression of it, is not patentable invention, a novel and useful structure created with the aid of knowledge of scientific truth may be.

[DESCRIPTION] {2} Whether or not it was the purpose of the patentee, by these references to wire lengths in his application to extend his patent to structures not conforming to the Abraham formula, we are not able to construe the application, before amendment at least, as embracing such an extension. And we think that the attempt to extend the claims based on the application of the empirical formula, to wire lengths not multiples of half wave lengths, must fail, because such structures are not within the invention described in the application.

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