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Hotel Security Checking Co. v. Lorraine Co. (160 F 467, 1908 Mar 10)

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    State Street Bank v. Signature Financial [149 F.3d 1368, 1998]

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[DESCRIPTION] {1} In the sense of the patent law, an art is not a mere abstraction. A system of transacting business disconnected from the means of carrying out the system is not, within the most liberal interpretation of the term, an art.

[NOVEL] {2} In other words, if the "art" described in the specification be old, the claims cannot be upheld because of novelty in the appliances used in carrying it out, -- for the reason that there is no novelty. The patent seems to us to cover simply a system of bookkeeping made applicable to the conditions existing in hotels and restaurants. The fundamental principle of the system is as old as the art of bookkeeping, i.e., charging the goods of the employer to the agent who takes them.

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