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Greenewalt v. Stanley Co. of America (54 F.2d 195, 1931 December 17)

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    Cochrane v. Deener [94 U.S. 780, 1876]

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[DESCRIPTION] {1} It is apparent from the specifications and claims and the appellant's detailed elucidation of what is meant thereby that the invention depends upon the artistry, caprice, or peculiarities of the performer and the susceptibility of the auditor-spectator. We do not find authority in the law for the issuance of a patent for results dependent upon such intangible, illusory, and nonmaterial things as emotional or ├Žsthetic reactions. An emotional or ├Žsthetic timed relationship between music and light, thus dependent, is not a statutory "art, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter" susceptible of protection under the patent laws. ... A patentable process is a method of treatment of certain materials to produce a particular result or product. It is an act or a series of acts performed upon the subject-matter to be transformed and reduced to a different state or thing.

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