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Davison Chemical v. Joliet Chemicals (179 F.2d 793, 1950 March 7)

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    Wall v. Leck [66 F. 552, 1895]
    Mackay Radio & Telegraph v. Radio Corp. [306 U.S. 86, 1939]
    American Lecithin v. Warfield [128 F.2d 522, 1942]
    Funk Brothers Seed v. Kalo Inoculant [333 U.S. 127, 1948]

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[OBVIOUS] {1} Keeping these principles in mind and applying them to the present case, we assume that Connolly discovered that the temperature of the wash water determined the pore size and, therefore, the specific gravity or density of the gel but, we think, that, once having discovered this, it required nothing more than the ordinary skill of the scientist to determine that maintaining the temperature of the water at a constant point would make the size of the pore, and the density of the silica gel, uniform. ... Stated otherwise, it seems to us that Connolly merely transferred to paper his discovery of a scientific fact which, when discovered, was sufficient to enable any skilled artisan to accomplish what he achieved.

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