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In re Bolongaro (62 F.2d 1059, 1933 Feb 06)

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Decisions It Cites

    Hotel Security Checking Co. v. Lorraine Co. [160 F 467, 1908]

Decisions That Cite It

    In re Abrams [188 F.2d 165, 1951]
    In re Yuan [188 F.2d 377, 1951]

Rules & Quotes

[NOVEL] {1} The appellant, in his practical application, it will be observed, utilizes various well-known devices to assist him in his work of computation. ... There is certainly nothing novel or inventive in this method, but simply a mathematical calculation. ... This result is doubtless more accurate than the methods which have heretofore been used by printers and publishers to accomplish similar results, but it is not a new method and, to our mind, is not inventive. ... It is not contended, as was shown to be the fact in the case cited, that the appellant's disclosure involves a new function, but simply that he has improved processes which have been known and practiced for many years in performing the same function.

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