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American Lecithin v. Warfield (182 F.2d 522, 1942 June 4)

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Decisions It Cites

    Hamilton Laboratories v. Massengill [111 F.2d 584, 1940]

Decisions That Cite It

    Davison Chemical v. Joliet Chemicals [179 F.2d 793, 1950]

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[OBVIOUS] {1} From these facts it is clear to us that the patents, articles, and letter cited, taught everything which Working claimed, except the particular range of proportions of 0.1% to 1% specified in the claims. To find the range, required nothing more than routine experimentation by a skilled chemist, and that being so, invention was not involved. Hamilton Laboratories v. Massengill, 6 Cir., 111 F.2d 584.

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